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The Story Behind

Hello, my name is Mark Altschuler and I've been working on and restoring Jeeps for over 40 years.

Mark AltschulerI purchased my first jeep, a CJ3A, when I was 17. A friend of mine also had one and we chipped in and we bought a 3rd. Jeep. We had 3 Jeeps with snow plows and each time it snowed in New York we would skip school and would not go back until every parking lot in Long Island was cleared. Needless to say we had to learn how to keep them running.

1952 M38 • BEFORE 1977 RESTORATIONBy the late 60's I teamed up with my friend Bob and, together, we went into the Jeep restoration business. Between government and civilian jeeps we put out some great restorations. In the late 70's I had a shop in Pennsylvania doing 2 restorations a month. Mostly GPW's to M38's with a few CJ's

Now, almost retired, I have a nice shop just outside of Las Vegas and what started as a renewed hobby has gotten larger and larger. Many people have been sending me there Jeeps to restore. I have partnered with an established Machine Shop in Las Vegas that has been rebuilding engines for 50 years and enlisted the help of a great body man. With their help, I put out 7 Jeeps last year!

My customers are very happy with my attention to detail and 40 years of experience.

Take a look at some of the restorations we completed last year. If you like what you see...give me a call.


I Would Love to Restore Your Jeep.

Reasonably Priced and All Work Guaranteed.


Restor My Jeep


1952 M38 • BEFORE 1977 RESTORATION 1952 M38 • AFTER 1977 RESTORATION 1952 M38 • AFTER 1977 RESTORATION • Please forgive the poor quality of these old photos.